COVID-19 Announcement

May 30, 2020

Grace and Peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I want to begin by reviewing where we are with the ways in which we gather and communicate with each other.

*Our first online worship service was March 15 meaning that this Sunday, May 31 (Pentecost Sunday!) will be our 12th week of virtual worship.

*On April 29 we began a Wednesday Evening Prayer video offering, which has now had five mid-week prayer times posted.

*Two weeks ago we added the option of the Sermon By Phone – (502) 212-5863 – which you may dial at any time and hear the current weeks sermon.

*Most weeks since March 15 we have communicated via a weekly email update.

A question that I am sure many are interested in continues to be what plans might be for returning to in-person worship. Here is what we have shared from our last Session meeting in previous communications:

We have decided that we will not be returning for in-person worship prior to the beginning of July. This does not mean that we will return at the beginning of July, but that it will not be earlier than that. We also decided that even when we do return it will be important to continue some sort of online presence as we are reaching people in those offerings who we would not have reached if we were only in person.

We have begun to acquire things like sanitizer and touchless thermometers which we will need when we return to in-person worship. We will be asking folks to wear masks when we return and know that many folks have acquired their own by this point, but also plan to have masks on hand. We have yet to make a definite determination, but it is likely when we return we will begin in the Activities Building as it allows us to more easily create the necessary spacing to keep the social distancing that is necessary in place. We will be looking at what that will mean in terms of how many we will be able to have in worship at one time.

And here is a bit more background…

Directions from Presbytery and from a number of experts on how the faith community will need to navigate their returns to in person worship have been clear that singing will not be an option, at least in the immediate future. The mechanics of singing is such that it is a very effective way of spreading germs. When there is a virus that is as dangerous as COVID-19 and for which there is presently no vaccine, that means no singing.

Religious gatherings are regularly identified as among the most risky of the opening back up activities. There is a long way to say why, but the short of it is that it’s a group of people in a closed in space for a somewhat lengthy amount of time. Carefully following the protocols mitigates the risk, but it still is problematic. Waiting until July allows us the advantage of seeing how the project of reopening things in general is going, specifically how if the virus seems to be on the decrease, holding steady or spiking. It also allows us to learn from any churches that are returning to worship about what may be working or what does not work.

My heartfelt belief, which I have shared with the Session and I believe which they share, is that we want to be cautious. We are able to worship virtually – God has given us the technology to be able to do that and even to reach a bit beyond ourselves in doing so – what a blessing! Even when we do return it may be that some will rightfully feel that it is not yet time for them to do so and will prefer to continue to worship from home for a time. What continues to be true is that there is much that is unknown and which we will not know with any certainty until we are further down the road. I am appreciative of the way that you have rallied in the face of this adversity, have offered words of support and encouragement about the online worship experience and have worked at being supportive of one another. You all are amazing and it is such a blessing to be a pastor at Hebron.

As a celebration, our Session at its May meeting received Bob and Helen Sarver as members. They were welcomed during our virtual worship on Sunday, May 24.

Please send prayer concerns to (indicating if they are private or to be shared) or text me at (502) 492-3223.

This Sunday, May 31, is Pentecost Sunday. I have received many pictures of you (adults and children) dressed in red or prepared for a birthday celebration. I’ve got a couple of pets also – which is awesome – it is a party and in the midst of the spring of the Coronavirus we must embrace the opportunities to party! If you haven’t sent your picture yet, please send it to the same email or text it to the same as the prayer concerns.

I think finally for this week I want to share that I have prayed a lot about our kids while we have been away from physical attendance at church. I think as much as being together means to all of us it is especially important for our children and hard on them not to be together in person. And given the restrictions that will be a necessary part of our gatherings when we do return it will still be different for them. Starting in the next couple of weeks (details to be worked out through communicating with children’s families) we hope to do a weekly 15 to 20 minute Zoom gathering for the kids. Long enough to see each other, share a story and a game, activity or craft, but not so long that it’s a chore to keep everyone’s attention. Watch for info about this on Facebook, in future emails, and always feel free to contact me with questions about this or anything else.

Looking forward to celebrating the Day of Pentecost on Sunday!

Celebrate Life!


Grace and Peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is Saturday, May 23 as I write – one day away from our next online worship gathering and one week away from the Day of Pentecost. I am really looking forward to Pentecost – I think there is a unique message for that day in the midst of all of this and I can’t wait to work through it with you!

Some things to look forward to in worship tomorrow. We’ll finish six weeks of digging around in 1 Peter. It’s turned out to be a great place to search for God’s word for us in this pandemic. Looking forward to sharing that tomorrow and as I said to next week and Pentecost. Also tomorrow…

We’ll have a word from Rick Caple, both as Co-Treasurer and as someone who gives of his time to care for the church, in part because of his long-time roots at Hebron.

We’ll have a great Call To Worship by the Dessart family.

We’ll receive Bob and Helen Sarver as members of Hebron.

Hoop will be helping us be thankful for school, teachers and family who help us to learn.

Also a reminder that sometime during the day the sermon audio for this week will be up on our Sermon-By-Phone line, (502) 212-5863. Anyone can dial that number at any time and hear the current weeks sermon. I have heard reports that several of you are accessing this, some as the primary way of staying connected with worship and some who like to listen after watching the worship video. Either way, I am glad for this resource and invite you to check it out.

Wednesday Evening Prayer is a video offering that is available typically on Wednesday evenings, becoming available sometime between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. It is a briefer time together than Sunday worship and is intended to be a mid-week check-in time with a prayer and a devotional to pick up our spirits and renew our connection between Sundays.

Pentecost is Sunday, May 31. When we have worshipped in person we have been invited to wear red, the liturgical color of the day, reminding us of the flames that appeared on the disciples heads on the day when they experienced the Holy Spirit as portrayed in Acts 2. To celebrate and to allow us to see one another YOU ARE INVITED AND ENCOURAGED to send a picture of yourself wearing red and/or wearing a birthday hat or looking like you are ready for a birthday celebration (Pentecost is celebrated as the birthday of the church). We will make a photo montage and share them in the worship video that day. I hope lots of the children will participate, but this is not just for children. Folks watching the videos love to see the faces that they miss seeing around them in the pews. Please share by sending the photos to or texting them to 502-492-3223.

We have an excellent tutorial of our website which Charlie Hartley has prepared which will have a permanent home on the webpage, but will be linked to on Facebook sometime this coming week as well. It’s great if you are just learning your way around navigating a website and it’s a good overall explanation of everything that is available at our website as well.

Again, nothing new to add here, but will reiterate that our Session at its last meeting decided that we would not have in person worship prior to the month of July. We are acquiring things we will need to have on hand (cleaning supplies and related items) that we will need when we do return, but we are not planning to return any sooner than that and please hear that we are saying no sooner, but also leaving the possibility open that it could be further away than the beginning of July as well. Simply put, we have ways of worshipping together in this time when we cannot gather and we want to make sure that when we return we do so in the safest manner possible. Have a great week.

Celebrate life!


Grace and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

It is Friday morning, May 15 as I write to you this week. I pray that you are well and continue to miss seeing everyone, but continue to be grateful for all the ways we are able to stay connected. I continue to invite your prayer concerns – it is important that we continue to share our joys and concerns.

I want to let you know about an additional way to stay in touch with our worship. Many of you have access to the computer and can get to our website or Facebook and access the Sunday worship service video in that way. A few do not. As a means of providing another way of connecting we have joined a service called Sermon-By-Phone. It allows me to take the audio from the Sunday sermon and upload it to a place where it can be accessed with an old fashioned phone call. To access the Sunday message in this way, dial (502) 212-5863. You will hear a computer voice say, “Welcome to Hebron Presbyterian Church Sunday sermon, the sermon will begin in a moment” and then the next voice you hear will be me. You can call it whenever you would like and it should be updated with the sermon for the current week by Sunday evening or Monday afternoon at the latest.

The Session met this past Thursday evening, May 14 via Zoom. We had a good meeting and began to lay the ground work to be able to return to being together in person. Everyone was in agreement that this should not be a hurried process and when we do it we want to do it as well as we can and as safely as we can.

Some things were identified as things we will need to have on hand for the time when we return and we will begin to acquire those items – primarily things related to cleaning. We discussed the likelihood that when we return our first gathering place will likely be the Activities Building as it is a more flexible space and easier to do the necessary distancing. There was agreement that we will continue to worship with virtual worship through the month of June. The possibility exists that we may do some in person gathering in June, but no sooner than Sunday, June 14. If and when we do gather in June we will share when that will be and what that will look like. Primarily it would be a way for us to see each other and to kind of practice and work out the processes necessary for meeting in person before we actually transition to worshipping in person again.

The Session will meet next on Thursday, June 4. If you have any questions or anything you would like to share with the Session as we continue to plan please email us at Our first priority is that we do all that we can to make sure that when we return we can be as safe as possible and have considered how everyone will be able to participate, including those who will be able to come in person and those who for a variety of reasons will not feel comfortable coming in person at that point.

Be sure and worship with us this weekend. One of the parts of the service will be a conversation with Josh Streible who is graduating this year from North Bullitt High School. Josh will share what it’s been like to be a graduate in these crisis times and what he’s looking forward to. Also a heads up – I’m looking for more pictures – Hoop will be focusing on this in the Moments With Children. This time I’m looking for pictures of you to share in a Pentecost slide show. It’s great to see everyone’s faces in these special pieces and this one is focused on Pentecost Sunday which is Sunday, May 31. Dress up in red, take a picture of yourself around a campfire, have a fan blowing the wind through your hair, get a dove to pose with you if you can talk them into it – something to symbolize the Holy Spirit and the gift of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The pictures will be put together and shared in worship on May 31.

Continue to pray for our church, our country and our world as we navigate this Coronavirus. Keep staying in touch and supporting each other. Keep reminding yourself that you are the church scattered, living out your faith in the place where you have the greatest impact.

Celebrate Life!


Grace and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is Thursday afternoon, May 7 as I am writing to you today. We will be worshipping together virtually for the ninth time this coming Sunday. It seems like this all began a week ago and years ago at the same time. I pray that you are doing well. A couple of prayer concerns to share with you…

*Becky Sharp asks for prayers for her neighbor, Kelley Shleg, who underwent shoulder surgery today.

*Nancy Lawson asks for prayers for her brother Harry’s mother-in-law, Edwina Griscom. Edwina lost her husband 8 months ago and now is fighting COVID-19 in a nursing home in Wilmington, Delaware.

*Nan Wilkins has spoken in the past day or so with both Norma Myers and Edith Bare. She shared that they both have birthdays coming up and suggested it would be a great time to drop a card to them and celebrate these special days! Both birthdays are on May 18 – Norma will be 88 and Edith will be 90. The addresses in the Directory will work for both of them. Edith’s room # has changed to 15. I am not including their full addresses here as this gets posted to several platforms, but if you need an address please contact me.

Please continue to contact me with prayer concerns one of the following ways:
email at
text or call at 502 492 3223

I have nothing further to share at this time on when we will gather again and what that will look like. The Presbytery is working with the state and other denominational governing bodies to help us out with guidance and that work continues. Hopefully I’ll be better able to share something in next weeks email.

One thing that is at the front of my thinking today is that our pantry is just about cleared out. It’s time for another invitation to come and leave items to restock the shelves. Someone will be at the church on Monday and on Tuesday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. You are welcome to bring food for the pantry and leave it on the porch/side entrance. We’ll come out and get it and see that it gets put on the shelf. I want to encourage you not to get weary of this project and to keep in front of you the reality that this is a tangible, front line way to meet needs in our community. Problems with lack of food are real, and have become more intense for many during the pandemic. I have heard some alarming statistics about the need for hunger assistance and it’s important to know that when we help meet a need of hunger we may also be meeting other needs including basic stability in fragile homes with our gifts. Our small box in the side yard at church is not going to make all the difference. No one thing is going to make all the difference. But we can do this thing and we can make a difference and I believe that is what Jesus would ask of us – make a difference in His name and beginning near the steps of our church to make that difference is a great opportunity for us to share God’s love.

Mother’s Day blessings this Sunday to all moms and all who have served as a mom in the life of someone. Say thanks to all the moms that have touched your life as you have the opportunity.

Worship this Sunday will include a pastoral prayer shared by former Hebron seminarian Mike Beckman, and Jason Shockley is working on a piece of music that we hope will be ready for this week! Hoop will have a message for the kids on how they are “living stones” that God is using to build the future and that message as well as my sermon will based on 1 Peter 2:2-10.

Also, as we have made a practice of doing and as is especially important these days, we want to celebrate with you. In particular if you have someone in your family, in our church family or larger church family graduating from Pre K, Kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, High School, College or anything else that you can graduate from we want to honor you and share your joy. We will have gifts for our churches High School and College graduates, but want to celebrate with everybody who is achieving a special milestone. Please share the name of your graduate along with where and what grade or degree they are graduating from or receiving. Thank you!

Celebrate Life!


Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

It is Tuesday, April 28 as I write this update to you. I continue to pray that you are doing well and that you have what you need. I want to begin with prayer updates to keep our prayer life at the front of our thoughts.

Rich Anderson continues to battle in his rehab process. I received an email update this morning that there are some positives, but there continue to be some worrisome things as well. He has a fever that seems to be getting higher. Additional x-rays and other tests have been done, it’s a long process of looking for what might be a problem while at the same time eliminating things through tests. He also needed to have a blood transfusion. Debbie, his wife, is able to face time with him. A reminder that he is recovering from a surgical procedure and not from the Coronavirus.

Prayers are appreciated for the family of Junior Sizemore. Junior was the ex-husband of Hilda’s sister Shirley. This is an especially hard loss for Hilda’s niece Jenny as she has been busy caring for both her mom and her dad. He died from complications after a surgical procedure.

As always call or text me at 502 492 3223 or email the church at with your prayer concerns. Indicate if the request is private for the time being or if you would like to have the request shared. Of course we continue to pray for God to lead us through this pandemic – let’s keep that prayer ever before us.

This past Sunday, April 26, was the third Sunday of the season of Easter and the seventh of virtual worship. I know this is hard for everyone – all of it is hard – but not being able to be together is especially hard when we have been for so long able to take the choice to come to worship for granted. I have come to believe that this is not simply a thing that we must get through, but that there are things to be learned from this as well. We want something very much – to gather for worship. It is not yet the wise or healthy choice to do so. So we must learn to make do in this wilderness time. And we would benefit from contemplating the things we miss. Why they are so meaningful to us. And what we are learning about them and about ourselves in their absence.

I’ll give you a couple of things you can look for in this weekends worship service. Joyce Jaco has recorded a wonderful piece on the piano for us. Maureen Clark, our former seminary intern, will be leading us in the prayers of the people. Charlie Hartley will be sharing about history and memories and extending an invitation to all of us to share our memories in a creative way. This Sunday is also the first Sunday of the month which means that we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. You are invited to have your bread or crackers and whatever you will use for the cup prepared and ready as you begin to watch the worship. I will remind you at the beginning that this will be coming up.

Also, look for a mid-week evening prayer video to appear, beginning with one for tonight. This will be a shorter time simply to share a prayer and check-in mid-week. I will post that to Facebook around 7:00 p.m. tonight (Wednesday).

I will continue to include the address for where to send your offering and continue to say thank you if this is something you are able to do at this time and also that we understand if it is not. Beyond that if there are special needs within our church family that you may be experiencing please feel welcome to share those with me. I will keep them in confidence except in an instance where they are asked to be shared, but it is important to communicate that you we want to be whatever help we may be able to be and don’t want to neglect any needs simply because we didn’t ask.

Hebron Presbyterian Church
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
4765 N. Preston Highway 40165

In my last email I’d mentioned the possibility of trying a Bible study on Zoom. I only got one response so I thought we might wait on that, however I do think we will try just a simple Zoom coffee hour Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. I’ll set up a meeting and Judy will send out invites to our email list. It should be possible for folks who do not have computers to use a phone to call in if you would like to – you should at least be able to hear folks. It could be a little chaotic at first, but we don’t learn if we don’t try. For those who might want to call in and don’t get emails you will need to get a phone number that you will call in to and then a meeting code which you will be asked for when you call in. You can get that from whoever is getting the information in this email to you as they will receive the Zoom call email as well.

Our website – – and our Facebook page continue to be a good places to find the daily devotionals and the worship videos.

This is a transformational time in our world. We are in between what we were and what we are becoming. That can be painful and frustrating and very hard at times. But it can also be a time of opportunity as we together discover what God is leading us towards next.

Celebrate Life!

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

It is Thursday morning, April 16 as I write this update to you. I pray that you are doing well and that you have what you need. I want to lead with inviting you to share any prayer concerns you have so that we can continue to hold one another up in prayer. This mutual caring and support is the lifeblood of our community of faith, especially in this time when we cannot physically gather together for worship, study and fellowship.

The most recent update I have seen for Rich Anderson indicates that he is holding his own, but continues to have a steep hill to climb. Continued prayers are appreciated.

Maurine Fisher, asks that we continue to be praying for Mike Howerton. Further invasive procedures are not an option at this time for Mike which means medication is his only means of treatment for ongoing heart issues.

Spike Fraley’s nephew Greg Draper who lives in Nashville had tested positive for COVID-19. I have spoken with Spike since then and he reports that it appears Greg is going to be okay.

A prayer concern was shared with us by Carolyn Wilkins. Chris McIntire, the son of Bob Ramsey and his wife Debbie, died early last week suddenly and unexpectedly, although he had experience some health issues. Chris 48, served as a Marine and was retired from the J-town police force. He leaves behind a son and daughter, ages 17 and 19. Bob Ramsey, Chris’ father is Carolyn’s brother. Your prayers for Chris’ family are appreciated in this time of loss.

Nancy Lawson asks for prayers for David Pitts. David is the husband of a co-worker and is having a challenging time following a surgery he recently underwent.

You received an email from Judy about her friend Kelly’s husband Don. While Kelly has lost both of her parents and her brother to COVID-19, her husband Don is improving and is off the ventilator. Thanks be to God. Let’s be praying for Don’s continued improvement and for Kelly in the midst of both sorrow and joy.

Share your prayer concerns by calling me at 502 492 3223 or emailing me at

Easter was our fifth Sunday of virtual worship. My old phone ran its course the week prior to Easter which meant a new phone and also the capability of downloading an app that allows me to edit together videos to make the virtual worship a little easier to watch. I hope these services have been helpful. I know that it is not anything like the same as being alongside of your church family in the pews on Sunday morning, but it is a gift from God that we have the ability to gather in this way. This coming Sunday, April 19, I will be starting a series of sermons that will see us spending six weeks in the book of 1 Peter. I am pretty sure that is five weeks longer than I’ve ever spent with 1 Peter at one time and I am looking forward to getting deeply into this letter and to discovering why God placed it in front of us at this moment in time. Also this Sunday, I will be sharing a video of my friend Deborah Phillips singing a solo that was shared with her congregation in their video last week. Deborah is the wife of my friend Buran Phillips, pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Knoxville. Buran and Deb and Julie and I go back to our days at Louisville Seminary where we studied and played Pictionary together. You will enjoy Deb’s gift of music. We will also have a message from one of our church members that I will leave as a surprise. I saw a Facebook post this member made and was really inspired by it and asked them if they would make a video version of it to share with you so we should have that for you on Sunday.

You may have already seen an email that our co-treasurer Lisa Streible sent this morning. It shared our financial statement through the first three months of 2020. This means that it included three Sundays that we were worshipping virtually. The statement is a testimony to your faithfulness, generosity and commitment to our congregation. Through those first three months our income is slightly ahead of our spending. This is remarkable. Again, offering can be sent to the church or directly to our co-treasurer Rick Caple.

Hebron Presbyterian Church
4765 N. Preston Highway
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165

As your pastor I cannot tell you how much I am moved by your commitment to Hebron. This has shown up also in your support for the Food Pantry mini-donation drive we had earlier this week and many of you simply stopping by and stocking it when you are out after you have been to the store. As I’ve mentioned also previously I keep calling you and finding out that you all have already been talking to, checking on, and caring for each other. This time is a hard time, but the body of Christ if it was built for anything was built for meeting hard times. You are being the body of Christ. Hallelujah – that is some Easter good news!

I am looking at trying to convene a Wednesday evening gathering, structured around a study of 1 Peter, but mostly to give us a time to see each other and say hello. I am thinking I will use Zoom to do this. I have never really used Zoom (I’ve been on it a couple of times, but have not hosted a gathering). I think – if I understand it correctly that you would not need a computer or iPad to participate. Folks with that kind of technology should be able to participate and both see, hear and talk with each other. I am hopeful that folks with a phone who would like to will also be able to dial in and join the gathering – I believe it will work for just audio as well as for audio and video. If you would like to participate please be sure and let me know. Send me an email at or call me at 502 492 3223. Tell me that you would like to participate and if you have an email go ahead and tell me what it is (even if you think I already have it). I believe the way it would work for folks with computers is that I would send an email invitation and you would click on it to come to the gathering. I think for those who would be calling in I just need to get you a phone number. This is obviously a work in progress and hopefully it won’t be something we need to do for a long time, but it is something worth exploring now.

Know that I am praying for you every morning as I read the days scripture and work on the devotional that I am posting for the day. I know that you are praying for me, I can feel the encouragement. I can’t really put it in a clearer statement than the Governor does everyday –

We will get through this.
We will get through this together.

Celebrate Life!


April 6, 2020
Grace and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
It is the Monday morning of Holy Week and I wanted to check in with everyone and give a quick look at what is coming as we move through Holy Week.
First, please continue to reach out to me with your prayer concerns (and your celebrations – those are surely welcome). There is so much anxiety, concern and hurting right now that prayer is somehow even more essential than ever. You can call me or text me at (502) 492-3223. You can also email at I try to respond to requests to let you know that I have received them – if you don’t get a response it is okay to resend or try again. Also please indicate if a request can be shared or if you would prefer it not be shared at present. If there is no indication I will assume it is private.
After thinking about it and praying about it and talking it over with Session we have decided to go ahead with the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper during worship on Maundy Thursday. Here’s how. The service will be posted at 7:00 p.m., this Thursday, April 9. Before you watch prepare your elements which can be whatever you have available. Bread or crackers are suitable for the bread and whatever beverage you have can be used for the cup. You do not need to make a special trip to the store for any supplies. This is a special moment in time and what you use for the elements is not important – what is important is gathering around the table with your church family. My biggest reservation was knowing that some folks do not have access to the computer or other device to watch a video. I was reminded that often when we serve by intinction and invite you to come forward that we say something like, “If anyone is not able to come forward please indicate this and we will bring it to you.” Social distancing means I cannot bring home communion to folks at present, but I can call you if you are not able to watch the video and go through a service, much like I would if I brought you home communion. You can still use your own elements. I will call and guide you through it. This is not an imposition, I will gladly make as many calls as are needed to make sure that everyone is able to celebrate the sacrament. Folks will be reaching out to those who we know are non-electronic communications, call only folks to see who needs and would appreciate having a call to celebrate communion. Those who are able are encourage to view the video. Ideally we’ll all start the video around 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. If you can’t get to it then, you are fine to watch it whenever is convenient. I hope this is helpful and meaningful to you.
There will be a Good Friday Tenebrae service that I will post around 7:00 p.m. on Friday evening.
I hope to have Easter worship up by 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I apologize again that this past Sunday wasn’t up until the middle of the afternoon. I think my iPhone is beginning to struggle. Will be trying out my iPad to see how it works at recording and maybe work on replacing the phone. Along with lots of my pastor friends we are working at learning video production – I’m super excited to have a small tripod coming to hold my phone for making videos (instead of taping it to things). 🙂
I will share with you a few prayer concerns…
Rich Anderson – son of long-time Hebron member, the late Arlene Anderson – is continuing to recover following surgery for a brain aneurism. Prayers that he not suffer strokes and generally for his recovery are appreciated. The concerns the doctors are dealing with shift from day to day and perhaps from hour to hour, but your prayers on his behalf continue to be solicited.
Ed Kuffner asks for prayers for a friend, Norman, who has suffered a heart attack and is now back in the hospital experiencing blog clotting in his lung.
Judy Morris continues to ask prayers for her friend Kelly who has lost her brother and parents to COVID-19, but whose husband seems to be turning the corner and slowly recovering.
Gary Morris asks prayers for the family of a childhood friend, James, who died recently following a long illness.
Helen Conatser asks for prayers for her daughter-in-law Lauren who is respiratory therapist and is working long shifts.
Delores Brown asks for prayers for all first responders. Her son is a fire fighter and she is especially aware of the situations these public servants walk in to on a daily basis.
If there are more or some that I have left out let me know and I will include them in the next email. Of course, we can also send out emails especially for the purpose of communicating prayer concerns and updates as well. If we sometimes over-communicate I am okay with that and would prefer that to someone not having information.
As we’ve been saying, thank you from our co-treasurer’s Rick and Lisa, from our Session and from myself as you send in your support for the church. Also continue to know that we understand that this is a very difficult situation for some, particularly in the area of work and finances – know that you are in our prayers as well.
Hebron Presbyterian Church
4765 N. Preston Highway
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165
I want to close by sharing this. My goal right now is not to keep presenting church as close as possible to what we would be doing if we didn’t have a pandemic going on. My goal right now is to do church precisely as though we have a pandemic going on. I can’t imagine a message that doesn’t deal with some aspect of what we are going through. Faith that ignores hard things isn’t going to be very helpful in real life. I hope that the video worship and that the daily devotions are helpful to you. I hope that you are taking care and doing what you can to follow the guidance on distancing, washing hands – all of that important stuff. And I am impressed by the way you are staying in touch with each other, checking in on each other – being the body of Christ.

We’ll be back as the church gathered in our beloved sanctuary when it is the right time. In the meantime keep right on being the church where ever you are.

Celebrate Life!


March 28, 2020
Grace and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Just want to take a few moments to connect with you by email and reiterate some of the other ways we are trying to stay connected.

At this point – today is Saturday, March 28 – we have posted two video worship messages (Sunday, March 15 and Sunday, March 22). We have also posted a video with a message to the children that was recorded outside at the bell tower. All three can be found by scrolling down our Facebook page OR by going to the Sermons 2020 page for the messages or to the devotional page for the Children’s message. The message for tomorrow, Sunday, March 29, will post tomorrow.

Our Co-Treasurer Rick Caple has shared that we have received some offering gifts in the mail. Thank you to those who are able to continue to support the church with your tithes and offerings at this time. We understand, again, that this may be a challenge for some at this time, but for those who are able it is good to experience the continued support of Hebron even as we are not able to gather in person. As mentioned in my last email you may send your offering either to the church or directly to Rick.

Hebron Presbyterian Church
4765 N. Preston Highway
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165

Currently we are ringing the bell each day at 10:00 a.m. as the Governor has suggested. It’s a great way to assert that we are still here and that we are together. Some have offered to ring the bell. If you would like to ring the bell some upcoming day at 10:00 a.m. and are able to go by the church and do that call me (502 492 3223), text me or send me an email ( to let me know what day you would like to do it. I will get back to you to let you know I received your message.

I am writing a devotional each day (so far) going under the title of Scripture and the Spring of COVID-19. It’s based on a scripture from the daily lectionary readings and what is happening as we deal with the Coronavirus. It also is accessible each day on our Facebook page and on our website. If you speak with anyone who does not have access to electronic ability to access it and would like to read it, please let me know and I will print out copies and mail them.

There are copies of These Days devotionals at church for the months of April, May and June. If you do not yet have a copy and would like one, please let me know and I’ll get one to you.

I continue to invite your prayer requests. Keeping our concerns and our celebrations known is a great way to keep in community. Again, if you share a prayer concern please let me know if you would prefer that it remain private now or if it is alright to share it with folks. Thanks. Know that you are all in my prayer. I am coming over to church most days, to ring the bell and to work a bit in my office. I like to go in the sanctuary from time to time and get some steps walking around the pews and praying for you as I pass the places where you typically sit.

I read recently where someone said that this was the “Lentiest Lent They Ever Lented.” An odd thought maybe, but I think we kind of know what they mean. Lent is all about that in between time. This is that. Holy Week this year and Easter will be unlike any we have ever experienced. But they will still happen. Holy Week will come and so will Easter. And know this. There will be worship posted of some sort for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and for Easter. AND, whenever we are able to return to worship in our Sanctuary, that will be our Easter celebration as well. Count on it.

Hebron is exactly 162 years old today (remember – it’s March 28 – the day in 1858 when the first worship was held here). The church has seen Civil War, World Wars, the Great Depression, September 11 and so much more. And here we are. We’ll see this through and we will be back.

Celebrate Life!


March 21, 2020
Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ!
It is clear to all of us that we will not be able to gather for worship in the next several weeks.  Our Session has agreed with the suggestion of our Presbytery that we cancel all church activities through Saturday, April 4.  It seems likely that the date will extend beyond that point, but that is where we are at present.  
I was able to record my sermon last Sunday with my cell phone and upload it to YouTube which has at present received more than 100 views which I hope means that many of you were able to access it and view it and I pray that it was helpful.  I will continue to record and post those on Sundays.  They can be accessed on our Facebook page and also by going to our website, and following the link for 2020 sermons.
I am also writing a daily devotional called “Scripture and the Spring of Covid-19”.  These will be posted first on our Facebook page and then will be reposted to a page that can be accessed on our website under the heading devotions.  
I continue to emphasize that we are a people who value prayer at Hebron.  I want to again encourage you to call me at 502 492 3223 if you would like to share a prayer concern or email the church at  If you send a prayer concern please indicate if it is a matter that you would not like to share at this time or if we can share it with folks via an email.
Hospitals are presently limiting visitation by clergy, but I would still like to know if you are a patient or if you know of any of our folks who are patients at area hospitals.  Also, these simply can be trying times and as your pastor I want to be available as best I can.  That would begin with another invitation to you to know that you are welcome to call me at any time.  If I am not able to answer at a particular time please leave a message.
I sent out a message earlier this week to our children’s ministry list of folks (where we usually make contact to remind about Kids Club and other children’s activities) to let those with children know they are especially in my prayers.  This is a complicated time and hard to understand for adults.  It must be that much more difficult and potentially scary to children.  I invite everyone to hold those with children in their homes in special prayer.  
I had also mentioned that there were several questions about getting offerings to church.  I had suggested at the time that mailing them to the church, contacting me about a time when I would be at church and you could come in and drop them off, and holding your offerings until we are back together in person would be options.  As we have progressed it is looking like the best and most practical means of getting your offering to the church is to do it by mail.  At present I am making the trip over to church to make sure mail is taken inside.  It is probably best that you not make a special trip out to the church for the sole purpose of bringing your offering.  
Hebron Presbyterian Church
4765 N. Preston Highway
Shepherdsville, Kentucky  40165
Our prayers are with those of our congregation who are facing economic hardship as a result of the shut down of work due to the Coronavirus.  If you are facing challenging economics we want you to know that we understand and want to encourage you to do what is necessary for your financial stability.  Also, if there is anything that the church can do to be supportive please contact me.  If you continue to be able to make your contribution to the church, your support is appreciated in these troublesome times.  
We will get through this.  We will gather back in our beloved sanctuary and worship our great and loving God together.  In the meantime, continue to be the church in its most powerful and important form – the place where it is capable of the most impact – out there in the world in your homes and your daily interactions.  I will close with the same scripture that I closed my last communication with you…
“When my anxieties multiply,
your comforting calms me down.”
Psalm 94:17
In our anxiety, let us lean on God and be comforted by God’s calming presence.

(Initial Message)

Grace and Peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In response to the request of the Governor that churches in Kentucky consider cancelling worship for this Sunday, March 15, I have been in conversation with other pastors, taken into account a letter to churches in our Presbytery from our Presbytery Executive, John Odom, and watched as things have progressed as events are postponed and cancelled in our area and around the nation. I have consulted with our Session and they have unanimously agreed that we will cancel worship at Hebron for this Sunday, March 15. We will make decisions for subsequent weeks as they come and as events continue to unfold and as more information and direction is shared by experts.

I am aware that there are churches that are making decisions like we have made to close and others that are choosing to not cancel at this point. This is clearly a difficult decision and I am not making any conclusions about what others should do. What I would like to do is explain a bit of the rationale for our decision.

Many of our folks fall into the category of “over 60 with underlying health issues.” This leads me to two points:

  1. Even if we encourage vulnerable folks to stay home, many of our most faithful participants are in this category and I believe a decision to go ahead and gather gives the impression that at some level we think this is a safe thing to do.
  2. I’m not convinced at this point that having some folks stay home while others gather accomplishes the goal we are trying to reach. Those who are younger and/or healthier may not be in as much danger from the virus, but may still carry the virus or acquire the virus. Being in contact in a gathering is an opportunity for the virus to move around, even if that particular gathering is mostly composed of what appear to be healthy people. They will eventually leave the gathering and be in contact with others (friends, family, etc.) as they go about their daily lives.

At present we (us along with the experts) are still learning about COVID-19. We know for certain at this point that we are at the front end and it is going to grow before it subsides. We have decided it is a wise at present to cancel rather than to continue on with worship as we normally would until we know more about the implications of our actions.

We are experiencing a great disruption in our daily lives. Sporting events, school districts and colleges, and a variety of other events are cancelling and closing. We are still learning about new changes and disruptions almost by the minute. These are hard things. Cancelling Sunday morning worship is a hard thing. I think for us at this moment it’s a hard thing that we can do. I also believe it is the right thing to do what we have been asked to do by people in leadership who have the best and the most information. We will continue to monitor developments and make subsequent decisions as the situation develops.

We have an opportunity as a society right now to set the example of facing the disruption of our lives in the short time so that the longer term will not be as bad as it could be and the situation might resolve somewhat sooner rather than continuing for a longer time. I am prayerfully hopeful that at the end of this all will be well and that we will have played a positive role in promoting the health of those in our church and community.

I plan to record a video of a message/worship experience to post on our Facebook page and perhaps on YouTube for Sunday. There will also be an audio version available at our website. This limits those who can access it to those with technology, but it is an attempt to provide a way of staying in contact through a worship experience. Also we will be working on prayer chain contacts, in particular trying to be sure we identify folks who are not likely to have access to Facebook and/or email and for whom a phone call is the most reliable form of communication.

God has guided the life of Hebron Presbyterian Church for more than 160 years and continues with us in this present circumstance and will into the future.

“When my anxieties multiply, your comforting calms me down.” Psalm 94:17

In our anxiety, let us lean on God and be comforted by God’s calming presence.

Rev. George Love
Pastor, Hebron Presbyterian Church