Lent 2021 – The Gospel of Mark in 40 Days

Three years ago we began reading through the Gospels during the season of Lent.  In 2018 we read Luke, 2019 was John, 2020 Matthew and now in 2020 we will be reading what most scholars agree was the first gospel - Mark!  We invite you to join in reading together as we allow the words of scripture to come alive in our lives.
"Now is the time! Here comes God's kingdom! Change your hearts and lives, and trust this good news!" — Mark 1:15
Wednesday, February 17Mark 1:1-20 - Ash Wednesday
Thursday, February 18Mark 1:21-39
Friday, February 19Mark 1:40-2:12
Saturday, February 20Mark 2:13-28
Sunday, February 21Worship and Reflect - Lent One
Monday, February 22Mark 3:1-19
Tuesday, February 23Mark 3:20-35
Wednesday, February 24Mark 4:1-20
Thursday, February 25Mark 4:21-34
Friday, February 26Mark 4:35-5:20
Saturday, February 27Mark 5:21-5:34
Sunday, February 28Worship and Reflect - Lent Two
Monday, March 1Mark 5:35-6:6
Tuesday, March 2Mark 6:7-29
Wednesday, March 3Mark 6:30-44
Thursday, March 4Mark 6:45-56
Friday, March 5Mark 7:1-23
Saturday, March 6Mark 7:24-37
Sunday, March 7Worship and Reflect - Lent Three
Monday, March 8Mark 8:1-21
Tuesday, March 9Mark 8:22-33
Wednesday, March 10Mark 8:34-9:13
Thursday, March 11Mark 9:14-29
Friday, March 12Mark 9:30-37
Saturday, March 13Mark 9:38-50
Sunday, March 14Worship and Reflect - Lent Four
Monday, March 15Mark 10:1-16 
Tuesday, March 16Mark 10:17-31
Wednesday, March 17Mark 10:32-45
Thursday, March 18Mark 11:1-25
Friday, March 19Mark 11:26-12:12
Saturday, March 20Mark 12:13-34
Sunday, March 21Worship and Reflect - Lent Five
Monday, March 22Mark 12:35-44
Tuesday, March 23Mark 13:1-20
Wednesday, March 24Mark 13:21-37
Thursday, March 25Mark 14:1-26
Friday, March 26Mark 14:27-42
Saturday, March 27Mark 14:43-65
Sunday, March 28Worship and Reflect - Palm Sunday
Monday, March 29Mark 14:66-15:15
Tuesday, March 30Mark 15:16-39
Wednesday, March 31Mark 15:40-47
Thursday, April 1Mark 16:1-8 (Maundy Thursday)
Friday, April 2Mark 16:9-14 (Good Friday)
Saturday, April 3Mark 16:15-20
Sunday, April 4Worship and Rejoice! - Easter