160th Anniversary Celebration!


Presbyterian ministers who participated in our Celebration Service on June 10, 2018 included (left to right) George Love, John Lentz, Andrew Hartmans, Maureen Clark, Andrew Clark, and Art Turner. Also participating in the service were soloists Carrie Gary and Chris Boyd; and Pat Baker who delivered the children's sermon.


Hebron’s Vision (160th Anniversary Hymn)
(to the tune of The Church’s One Foundation); lyrics, Rev. Dr. George C. Love

1. They built a new foundation in 1858,
It was a new creation -
Today we celebrate
They named the new church Hebron
their journey then did start;
To love and follow God‘s Son
and give to God their hearts

2. They worshipped and they baptized,
they shared God‘s Holy Meal,
God’s blessings were the great prize,
they lived their faith with zeal
disciple making people
responding to Christ’s call
to share the love of Jesus
through actions great and small

3. Time rolled like the Salt River,
the years have come and gone,
Hebron has been a pillar,
as each new day has dawned,
To share the vision glorious
our service offer we
in Christ transformed victorious
we give thanks gratefully

4. God's future like a highway
before us does unfold
Our corner is a place of praise
from which we touch God’s world
to welcome and to send forth
wide open are our doors
each day to new hope gives birth
of joy forevermore