Church Members in 1924

According to the small souvenir booklet detailing some of Hebron Presbyterian Church's early history, a special service was held of 22 Jun 1924 to dedicate the cornerstone for the new Sunday School room. It seems that there were sixty-five active members of the church at that time, and their names are listed in the booklet. Our plan has been to identify these folks by name, and to briefly touch on their lives.

The list is now complete. Hopefully the errors are few. We do welcome additions and corrections.


The first name on the list alphabetically was Miss Elizabeth Bailey. We think this is Mary Elizabeth Bailey who was born in 1903 to George Albert and Claribel (Lentsch) Bailey. This Elizabeth Bailey married Headie Otto Lee, son of James and Emma (Carpenter) Lee, in 1925. They would have a daughter and two sons. Elizabeth lived until 1995.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Baldwin and their daughter Margaret May Baldwin were on the church roll in 1924. Harry was born in December 1876 to T. T. and Amanda Baldwin. He spent much of his adult life as a draftsman, primarily for the Henry Vogt Machine Company in Louisville; but his later years were spent farming in Ohio. He died there in January 1955.

His wife, Lessie was born in 1883 in Ohio to Azie and Lydia Funk. She married Harry in Ohio in December 1901, and they had at least four children including Thomas, George, Margaret, and Harry Jr. Lessie died in Ohio in 1961.

Their daughter Margaret May Baldwin was born in October 1909. She married William E. Johns and they were living in Hammond Lake, Indiana when she died in 1983.

The Beatty family lived along New Cut Road in the Woods precinct of Jefferson County. Marion was born in Grayson County in 1865; his wife Mary (Mollie) in Breckinridge County two years later. They had at least seven children, two of whom, Raymond and Pearl, were on the Hebron list in 1924.

Mr. Raymond Beatty was born in 1897 in Breckinridge County. He never married. His occupation was listed as "Safety Man" at the General Box Company in Louisville when he died in 1943 of tuberculosis.

Miss Pearl Beatty was born in 1902. She also never married. For many years she worked as a nurse in Louisville hospital. At her death in 1954, she joined her brother and parents in the Hensley Cemetery in Breckinridge County.

Mrs. Laura Bell was the matriarch of those of that surname on Hebron's list. A daughter of Samuel B. and Mary Verlinda (Summers) Williams, Laura was born in December 1846. She married John S. Bell in December 1869 in Bullitt County. John S. Bell, who had died in 1915, was a son of Charles and Martha Ann (Jessie) Bell. Laura lived until September 1926.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bell made the list too. Jesse Vernon Bell was born in September 1878 to John and Laura Bell. He married Nell Susan Sanders, daughter of George and Myra (Miller) Sanders. They were the parents of at least five children, including the next two on our list. Nell lived from 1880 to 1935; Vernon lived on until 1960.

Next we come to Marvin Bell and Myra Bell, children of Vernon and Nell. Marvin was born in November 1904. He died in June 1926, a victim of tuberculosis. Myra Bell was born in June 1908. She married John E. Shriver, and lived a long life, passing in 2005.

Vernon's three remaining children were named Nell, Sarah, and Mary Tyler. Nell was but six years old at the time the list was made, Sarah would be born that same year, and Mary Tyler Bell would be born two years later. You may read more about this Bell family on the Historical Tidbits page.

Another son of Charles and Martha Ann Bell was Willard Bell who married Annie Scott in 1884. Their son Walter Bell is on the list, along with his wife.

Walter Scott Bell was born in 1888. He was a retired crane operator for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad when he died in 1971. His wife, the former Joetta Smith, was born in 1885 to Charles M. and Virginia B.(Scott) Smith. She lived until 1979.

The remaining two by that surname on the list were Mrs. Frank Bell and her daughter Miss Ada Bell.

Mrs. Frank Bell, the former Bertha Dent, was born in 1876 to Henry and Lena (Meister) Dent. She married Frank Bell, son of John Franklin and America (Knight) Bell. He was born in 1864 and passed in 1926. Bertha lived until 1939.

Miss Ada Lucille Bell, Frank and Bertha's daughter, was born in 1907. We know she married James Eisenmenger. She died at 38 in 1946, leaving her husband and a son.

Joseph Jourdan Blankenship, Jr. , his wife the former Emma W. Robards, and their son,Joseph Jourdan Blankenship III, were on this Hebron Church list.

Joseph Jr. was born in January 1879 to Joseph Sr. and the former Virginia Barbour. Virginia, a daughter of Francis Madison and Sarah Todd (Taliaferro) Barbour, died prior to 1900. Joseph Sr., who retired as a solicitor for the Louisville Herald Post, lived until September 1926.

As a sidenote, Virginia Barbour's brother was John R. T. Barbour who is featured in a book I wrote that may be read on the History Museum web site.

Joseph Jr. married Emma W. Robards in April 1900 in Bullitt County. He would be an insurance and real estate agent for much of his life. He diedd in January 1949.

Emma Robards Blankenship was born in February 1877 to John Douglas and Verlinda (Williams) Robards, who are described below. Emma lived until February 1961.

Their son, Joseph III, was born in August 1901. He attended school at Shepherdsville before enrolling at Centre College. He was a secondary school teacher for many years. He married Lucy Bell Johnson, and they had a son, Joseph IV. Joseph III died in Fayette County in 1951. He and Lucy had lost their son three years earlier to Hodgkin disease. Lucy lived until 1986.

Mrs. Etta Brooks and her daughter Elizabeth Brooks were listed as well.

Henretta Hedges married Joesph Newton Brooks in October 1894 in Bullitt County. She was born in June 1872, a daughter of Logan and Mary C. (McDowell) Hedges. Henretta died in January 1953. You may read more about the Hedges family below.

Joseph Newton Brooks was born in November 1867 to Shepherd Whitman and Mary Elizabeth (Richardson) Brooks. He was approaching his 100th birthday when he died in June 1967.

Mary Elizabeth Brooks, daughter of Joseph and Henretta Brooks, was born in September 1908. She was an elementary school teacher in Jefferson County for many years, and served as organist for the Little Flock Church. She died in September 2003. She was one of five children born to Joseph and Henretta. The others included a sister Mabel, and three brothers, Ernest, Logan, and Marion.

Another member of the list was Minor Brooks who was born in October 1884 in David Franklin and Eliza (Minor) Brooks. Minor Caldwell Brooks married Laura Bell Eskew in January 1926. She was born in June 1867 to Winfield Scott Eskew and his wife, Sarah T. (Williams) Eskew. Laura died in April 1945. Her mother was a daughter of Samuel B. and Mary Verlinda (Summers) Williams.

Following Laura's death, Minor Brooks married Bess Hibbs in 1946. He was chairman of the Jefferson County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee for some 25 years before retiring a year before his death in August 1960.

Also listed was Mrs. S. N. Brooks, Sr. along with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Brooks, Jr.

Kate Jacob Tyler married Solomon Neill Brooks in November 1886, and they were parents to Neal Jr. as well as Virginia and Mary Brooks who are mentioned below with their Williams spouses. Kate was born in September 1866 to Robert and Mary (Crutchfield) Tyler. More information about the Tyler family is given below. Kate Tyler Brooks lived until June 1966, dying in her 100th year. Her husband, Solomon was born in 1860 to Solomon and Elizabeth (Field) Brooks. He died in September 1933.

Solomon Neill Brooks Jr. was born in November 1899. He married Inez Herr Kirk, daughter of Dr. George W. and Ida (Wallace) Kirk, in June 1922. More information about the Kirk family is given below. Inez was born in 1904, and lived until 1986. At her death, Inez was a former chairman of the Bullitt County Chapter of the American Red Cross, past manager of the Hebron Cemetery, and had been instrumental in organizing the Shepherdsville High School band. Her husband died in March 1961.

James Fletcher Combs and Emma (Troutman) Combs made the list. He was born in 1852, a son of James and Susan (Welsh) Combs. A brief biography of his life is available on the History Museum web site. He died in 1938.

Mrs. Combs was born in 1859 to Michael and Sophia (Hoagland) Troutman, and was a sister to the three Troutman brothers who operated the Troutman Mammoth Store in Shepherdsville. James and Emma were married in 1884. Their daughter Mary Palmer Combs married Howard Roby; and their son Myron Lee Combs never married. He died in 1924 from complications of pneumonia.

Mrs. Bessie Haefer and three of her children, George Haefer, Julia Haefer, and Laura Haefer were all present on the Hebron list.

Bessie was the former Elizabeth Bell, born in January 1874, the daughter of John S. and Laura (Williams) Bell. She was married to George Rogers Clark Heafer in the church mause in May 1898 by Rev. John B. Gordon. This family lived in the Robbs area of Jefferson County. Bessie died in March 1967.

Her son George, named for his father, was born in May 1909. He later married Martha Jane Wallace in 1930. She was a daughter of James Henry and Lillie (Foster) Wallace of Jefferson County. George lived until November 1971.

Julia Haefer married Jesse Leo Ice in 1929. She was born in July 1902, and died in January 1997.

Laura Haefer married Forrest Brooks. She was a retired gift shop manager in the old Glass House restaurant. She was born in December 1905, and died in October 1997.

Laura Talbott Harned and her daughter Linda Lee Harned were both on the list.

Laura was born in October 1889 to John Douglas and Verlinda "Linnie" (Williams) Robards, who are described further down this page. In December 1909, Laura married Atkinson Lee Harned, son of Henry and Fannie (Troutman) Harned, and they would have three children: Linda Leigh, Emma Katherine, and Emmett Quinn Harned. Ack died in 1936. Laura died in 1982.

Linda Leigh Harned was born in April 1911. She married James Opel Vincent, and they had a son James Lee Vincent. Linda died in July 1987. As is true of so many of those listed here, James and Linda are buried in the Hebron Cemetery.

Hal Palmer Hedges, his sister May Hedges, and another sister Estella Hedges were all on the Hebron list. They were among the children of Logan and Mary (McDowell) Hedges.

Logan Hedges, was born in March 1840 to Silas and Eliza (Funk) Hedges. He died in October 1913 in Bullitt County, a widower, and was buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Mary Catherine (McDowell) Hedges was born in February 1843, and died in November 1896. She and Logan were married in January 1871 in Bullitt County.

Of their children we identify Miss May Hedges who was born in May 1881 and died in May 1973; Miss Estella Hedges who was born in December 1871, and died in February 1945; and Hal Palmer Hedges who married Jeanette Lee Compton in November 1915. He died in April 1967 at the age of 77. Of these, we know that Estella was a nurse. You can also read more about Palmer Hedge's family on our Historical Tidbits page.

Other children of Logan and Mary Catherine included Henrietta who was born in 1872, and married Joseph Newton Brooks in 1894; Tillie who was born in 1876 and married Barrett Murray in 1902; and Nora who married J. T. Wickersham in 1907.

Edward Lee Johnson was included on the church list despite having lived outside the state much of his life.

Edward was born in October 1874 to Thomas and Bettie (Brooks) Johnson. He appears to have never married, and may have worked as a clerk for the railroad much of his life. He held that position with the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1918 when he completed his World War I registration in St. Louis. We continue to find him there through the 1920 and 1930 censuses. However, he had apparently moved to Colorado Springs after that as he died there in July 1939. His remains were returned home, and his funeral was conducted at Hebron.

He was a brother of Jo Etta (Johnson) Tyler, who will be mentioned below.

Miss Mary Ellen Kirk, daughter of Dr. George Wallace Kirk and Ida Lee Wallace Kirk, was born in 1898. She married John E. Hoagland, Jr. whom we believe to have been a telegraph operator for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Mary Ellen died in December 1951, leaving her husband and two sisters, Inez Hurr (Kirk) Brooks and LuWallace (Kirk) Nutter, as well as a brother, Dr. J. Allen Kirk of Louisville.

Dr. George Wallace Kirk and Ida Lee Wallace were married in Bullitt County in April 1882. Ida Lee was born in August 1868 to James H. and Jennie E. (Shanklin) Wallace. She died in April 1928. Her husband died in 1943. You may read his brief obituary here.

Andy Gill Kulmer, his son Andy Kulmer Jr., and daughter, Catherine Kulmer also appeared on the church list.

Andy Sr. was born in 1868 to George and Catherine (Kaster) Kulmer. He married Rebecca Frances Jones in 1892. Rebecca was born in 1871 to Martin and Sarah (Biggs) Jones. She too would have appeared on the list, had she not died in November 1922. Andy Sr. died in October 1950, and is buried alongside Rebecca in the Hebron Cemetery.

Andy and Rebecca had four children. The elder two were Harry Barbour Kulmer who was born in 1895, and Albert Herman Kulmer who was born a year later. Both were adults and living elsewhere at this time.

Andy Gill Kulmer, Jr. was born in 1906. He married Mary E. Upton in 1925. By the 1930 census, he was working in Louisville as an insurance agent. A decade later he was a foreman at a lumber company, and they had three daughters, Rebecca, Barbara, and Ann. Andy was working in the Clarksville Food Market as a butcher when he died in 1969. Mary lived until 1981.

Sarah Catherine Kulmer was born in 1909. She married Leslie Parson Underwood in 1929. Following his death that same year in an oil barge explosion at Kosmosdale, Catherine next married Alfred Goodman Ritchie in 1932. He lived until 1980. She died in Minnesota in 1995, survived by a son and daughter.

Ernest Morris was the only one with that surname to make the list. Four years earlier, he had been 15 years old and was boarding with Dr. Kirk's family. We find no other evidence of him except that an Earnest Morris, age 24, was living in Louisville on East Jefferson Street in the 1930 census. This might be him. If it is, he was married to Edith (Reeves) Morris, and was working as a carpenter. Additional information about Ernest will be appreciated.

Mrs. Lillie Netherland was also on the church list. Lillie was born 7 Sep 1866 to John T. and Susan (Philip) Rogers (see Mrs. Sue Rogers below). Lillie married William Netherland in 1887, and they had a daughter, also named Lillian. At Lillie Rogers Netherland's death in 1953, she willed the land from her Rogers family to her daughter, who was then Mrs. Frank M. Chase. The land was later sold, and became the Fox Chase community. You can read more about Fox Chase and its history on this History Museum web page.

Ben Pope and Pattie Pope, brother and sister, were on the church list.

Ben was born in 1842, and Pattie in 1845 to James Yewell Pope and his wife Martha Beckwith (Sanders) Pope. This Martha was a daughter of Joseph and Susan (Summers) Sanders, and a granddaughter of Benjamin and Verlinda (Beckwith) Summers.

Neither Ben nor Pattie ever married. Pattie was 94 when she died in 1939; and Ben was 98 when he died the next year.

Their parents, James and Martha, were the parents of nine other children including James Wesley Pope, their next to last son, who was born in 1866. He married Ella Sweeney in 1895, and they would have three children: James Henry, Alice, and William Patrick.

Ella Sweeney Pope, was born 23 Sep 1874 to James Harvey and Mary Alice (Greenwell) Sweeney. She died 29 Feb 1964. She and two of her children were also on the church list.

Her daughter, Miss Alice Pope, was born 11 Nov 1900, and died 20 Apr 1984. She never married. We do note that she was a member of the Bullitt County Bank Board of Directors in 1947.

Ella's son William Patrick Pope, was born 15 Dec 1902. He married Elnora Trunnell. He was an engineer for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Patrick died 21 Mar 1986.

The Pope family has a long history in Bullitt County, dating back to before it became a county. The Benjamin just mentioned was a great-grandson of another Benjamin Pope who with his brother William and their families settled at the Falls of the Ohio in 1779. Later, that Benjamin's cabin was located across Salt River from an early station called Dowdall's. You can learn more about it by going to this History Museum web page.

Mrs. Ella Quick appears on the church list. Her title indicates that she is either married or widowed, meaning that her maiden name is likely not Quick. While there were a number of folks in the area with the Quick surname, we have been unable to determine exactly who Ella is. Perhaps you know?

Edward and Hannah Rhea, their son Edward Rhea Jr., and their daughter Alice Rhea were all on the church list.

Edward Sumpter Rhea, Sr. was born in Giles County, Tennesse on 1 May 1881 to William Samuel and Ida Eudora (Osborne) Rhea. By 1907, Edward had made his way to Bullitt County where he married Hannah Shanklin Smith on 4 Sep 1907.

Hannah Shanklin Smith was born 16 Aug 1882, a daughter of Rev. Simon Bolivar Smith and his wife Hannah (Shanklin) Smith. Her Shanklin line extended back to her grandfather William T. Shanklin whose parents were Robert and Lucinda (Scott) Shanklin. This Shanklin family is described in more detail further down the page.

Between 1908 and 1921, Edward and Hannah had eight children: Robert (died as infant), Alice, Edward Jr., Helen, David, William, Mark, and Mary (died at 4). Of these, only Alice and Edward Jr. were old enough to appear on the church roll, although the whole family participated at Hebron, as well as helped to prosper their farm.

Alice Cordelia Rhea was born 18 Jul 1909. She married James Vernon McAfee. Their wedding took place on 17 Jun 1931 at the Hebron Presbyterian Church, officiated by Rev. H. H. Watson. You can learn more about this family on the Bullitt County History Museum web site here.

Edward Sumpter Rhea Jr. was born 1 Oct 1910. He graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1933 (see photo). While stationed in California, he met and married Luna Clarice Dawson in 1936. After his naval career, Edward went to work a the Naval Avionics Facility in Indianapolis. Regrettably, he was killed when struck by a truck on his way to work in September 1969.

John Douglas Robards was born 20 Jan 1852 to Robert Franklin and Eliza (Young) Robards. He married Verlinda Williams on 16 Mar 1876 in Bullitt County. Verlinda was a daughter of Samuel and Mary Verlinda (Summers) Williams, giving her ancestry to the Williams, Summers, and Beckwith lines. Verlinda, who was born 11 Apr 1852, died 29 Jun 1921, prior to our list being formed.

We have identified seven of the children of John and Verlinda Robards; three daughters and four sons. The sons were Willie, Emmett, Benjamin, and Douglas. The daughters included Emma (Robards) Blankenship, Sarah (Robards) Whitman, and Laura Talbott (Robards) Harned, who all appear elsewhere in this list.

John Douglas Robards lived until 24 Apr 1927, and is buried along with numerous other Robards in the Hebron Cemetery.

Mrs. Sue Rogers was born 8 Dec 1838 to Richard and Lydia (Riley) Phillips. She married John Tunstil Rogers, Jr. who was heir to what would become known as the Idylewild Farm south of Brooks Station. John died in 1886, leaving his estate to his widow and their daughter Lillian Rogers who married William Netherland the next year.

Sue continued to live on the farm through at least the 1900 census which found her there along with her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, also named Lillian. Then, beginning with the 1910 census, they were mainly living in Louisville with frequent visits to the farm in pleasant weather. Sue continued to live with her daughter and granddaughter until her death on 23 Feb 1929. At her death, she willed the farm to her daughter and granddaughter. It would later become the basis of the Fox Chase community today.

Miss Myra Sanders and Miss Sadie Sanders were two of George and Myra (Miller) Sanders' seven children. Their grandmother, Susan (Summers) Sanders, was a daughter of Benjamin and Verlinda (Beckwith) Summers.

Myra Sanders was born 22 Jan 1871. As a young adult she taught school for a number of years before moving to Vincennes, Indiana where she worked as a laboratory technician. She had lived there for eight years, and was the chief technician when she died in November 1935 at the age of 63. Her funeral service was held in her home church at Hebron Presbyterian, and she was buried in the Hebron Cemetery.

Sadie Sanders was born 8 Aug 1875. She remained at home with her parents while they lived, and then following her father's death in 1924, she joined her brother George in Louisville where she remained the rest of her life. She died there in February 1951, and was buried at Hebron.

Of their siblings, a sister Bettie married Dr. Walter Brooks; a brother Joseph married Grace Hood, and they lived in Knoxville, Tennessee; a sister Marie married Captain John Patrick and they lived in Charleston, West Virginia; a brother George Jr. later married Zelma Alice Gilmore and lived in Rineyville; and a sister Nell Susan who married Jesse Vernon Bell, both of whom are included on this list.

Mr. Will Shanklin was the only Shanklin in the list, and there was no Will Shanklin listed in the 1920 or 1930 census for either Bullitt or Jefferson County. However, Shanklin was a common Bullitt County name in earlier years, and a careful examination of the family turned up William Shanklin, born 4 Jun 1865 to George Robert and Sarah Catherine (Collings) Shanklin. His is an interesting story.

This William Shanklin was born 4 Jun 1865 to George Robert and Sarah Catherine (Collings) Shanklin. His grandparents were Robert and Lucinda (Scott) Shanklin. In order to fully appreciate this family, we need to look also at all three children of Robert and Lucinda, include another William, and a daughter Hannah.

Robert and Lucinda both died when their children were young. Robert died 8 May 1840, and Lucinda sometime before 5 May 1848. At the time of her death, her son William was about 23, Hannah was not yet 18, and George was about 15.

For a time this William was made guardian over his siblings. He married Cordelia Joyce on 20 May 1851, but their marriage was to last only four years before he died in 1855. During that brief time, Cordelia gave birth to a son, Robert, and a daughter Hannah.

As you can see, this Shanklin family repeated names from generation to generation, which can cause confusion if we're not careful.

The first Hannah, aunt to the second one, first married Joseph Noel in 1849, but that marriage did not last. She next married William Nally in 1866. That marriage lasted less than a dozen years before he died on 21 May 1878. Neither marriage produced children. But we're not finished with her.

In the 1880 census we find Hannah Nally, age 50 as the head of a household in Bullitt County, and living with her is Willie Shanklin, age 15, identified as her nephew. We will see her again later.

Returning to the third child of Robert and Lucinda, George Robert Shanklin was born in Oct 1833. He married Sarah Catherine Collings in October 1863, and they had a son, our William in 1865. Sometime after that and before 1870, Sarah died. George turned his son William over to his sister and her husband for we find William with them in the 1870 census.

Thus Hannah Shanklin Nally, childless herself, took her nephew to raise. We know little about William in the last decades of the nineteenth century, but according to a brief bio of one of his sons, he became a civil engineer, and was associated in his earlier years of life with the Illinois Central Railroad and the Louisville & Nashville Railroad.

We surmiss that his railroading took him to New Orleans with occasional stops in a small community called Pass Christian in Mississippi. There he met and married Anna Caroline Lancaster, daughter of Charles Dunbar and Caroline (Hewes) Lancaster. She returned with him to Bullitt County where their first son was born. They would have two more sons and a daughter.

However, William sought more opportunities to prosper his family, and learned of an opportunity to take his engineering skills to a new sugar plantation being developed on the south of the island of Puerto Rico.

By the 1910 census William, Anna, their first two sons, his father George, and his Aunt Hannah were all living there.

George Shanklin died in 1909, and Hannah followed in 1913, having done her part to help rear William's boys.

The William Shanklin family continued to live in Puerto Rico until their children were ready to return to the states to attend college. By 1940 William had retired, and he and Anna were living in Dade County, Florida. He died there in 1953.

Lida Gruber Smith and her son Alexander Smith were also listed. She was the wife of Dr. David Smith, the local veterinarian. They were married on 22 Sep 1884, and Alexander, their third son, was born 13 Aug 1896.

Though most would know her as Lida, she was named Eliza when born 19 Mar 1866 to Charles and Sophia (Foerding) Gruber in Louisville. Her father had worked in a machine shop as a molder as she grew up.

David Smith's parents, John and Isabelle (Murdock) Smith, were from Scotland. When Lida married David he was a blacksmith, like his father before him. But by 1910 his occupation was listed as that of a veterinarian. He would later serve as livestock inspector for Bullitt County for 30 years, was the author of several books for the layman on the breeding and care of livestock, and was instrumental in having many of the state's livestock laws passed. He was 81 when he died 27 Apr 1945.

Lida was active as a volunteer for the Red Cross, and was a member of the Shepherdsville Star of Hope Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star for 25 years. She was 91 when she died on 3 May 1957.

Their son, Alexander Murdock Smith married Katherine Owens Frank on 24 Dec 1918. He worked as a sign painter for various businesses before going to work as a clerk for various government agencies during the later years of the depression. He and Katherine were living in Richmond, Kentucky when he died on 30 Jul 1962.

Mabel Summers and Rebecca Summers were on the list. These sisters were daughters of Wilson and Anna May (Brooks) Summers, and great-granddaughters of Benjamin and Velinda (Beckwith) Summers.

Mabel Summers was born 4 Sep 1888. She married Archie Whitman Priest who was born in Trimble County on 6 Apr 1888. They were living in Anchorage when Mabel died on 29 Jan 1974. Archie was a retired Army colonel who served in both world wars, and was a former school teacher. He died 10 Oct 1982 at the age of 94.

Rebecca Summers was born 8 Dec 1885. She never married, and would die shortly after the list was formed, dying on 12 Sep 1924 of peritonitis following an appendicitis.

Also on the list were Gabe Summers and Johnnie Summers, brother and sister, and children of John Bealmear Summers and his wife, Bertie C. (Holsclaw) Summers. Gabe and Johnnie were first cousins, once removed of Mabel and Rebecca Summers, previously mentioned.

Gabriel Beckwith Summers was born 27 Oct 1902. He married Martha Comstock Alderson on 26 Jun 1928 in West Virginia. They moved to Florida where Gabe founded the Five Point Men's Clothing Store in Jacksonville. At his death on 3 Jun 1974, he was survived by his son Gabe Jr.

Johnnie Summers was born 11 May 1909. She married Lewis Ashworth, a native of West Virginia. They lived in Marion, Ohio where they had two sons, John and Summers Ashworth. Lewis died 13 Jan 2000. When Johnnie died 27 May 2006, she was returned to Kentucky where her service was officiated by Rev. George Love preceding her burial in the Hebron Cemetery.

Edward and Jo Etta Tyler appeared on the list along with three sons, Edward Tyler, Jr., Neill Brooks Tyler, and Robert Johnson Tyler.

Edward Crutchfield Tyler was born 11 Dec 1867 to Robert and Mary (Crutchfield) Tyler. He married Jo Etta Johnson on 4 May 1893 in Bullitt County. Jo Etta was born 29 Oct 1869 to Thomas and Bettie (Brooks) Johnson. Her grandparents were Solomon Neill and Elizabeth (Field) Brooks.

Edward and Jo Etta's son Edward Jr. was born 25 Mar 1897. He married Gladys Marie Ice, daughter of William and Nora Ice. Gladys was born 15 Jan 1909. Edward Jr. died on 7 Dec 1949. Gladys lived almost another 48 years, dying on 21 May 1997. They had a son and daughter.

Neill Brooks Tyler was born 10 Mar 1906. He died on 6 Feb 1970 in Evansville while on a business trip. He was married to Zelma Eva Link (daughter of Adam and Emma (Probst) Link). She was born 21 Apr 1013 and died 11 May 1994. Neill was supervisor of construction for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, and had been there for 46 years.

Robert Johnson Tyler married Elizabeth L. Whitman, and is described with her below.

The list identified William T. and Sarah Whitman, along with their son William Jr. and daughter Elizabeth Whitman.

William Thomas Whitman was born 8 Jun 1886 to William Thomas and Elizabeth (Lewis) Whitman. He married Sarah Robards in Bullitt County on 27 Jun 1906. Sarah was born 30 Sep 1884 to John D. and Linnie L. (Williams) Robards who will also appear in this list.

Among their children were William Thomas Whitman, Jr., who was born 14 May 1907, and Elizabeth L. Whitman who was born 22 Jul 1911.

William Jr. moved to Huntington, West Virginia. He was married to Naomi Norsworthy. We know that he worked as a Medical Technician in Bacteriology. He died there on 15 Mar 2006.

Elizabeth L. Whitman married Robert Johnson Tyler who many will remember as the owner of the Maplehurst Golf Course on Bells Mill Road. Robert was born 14 Mar 1904 and died 9 Sep 1992. Elizabeth was a teacher in the Jefferson County Schools. She died 1 Feb 2003.

Their mother, Sarah Robards Whitman died on 20 Jan 1957. Her husband, William Sr. died on 15 Jul 1970. Like so many on this list, their funerals were held at Hebron, and they were laid to rest across the street in the cemetery.

Lillian Oliver Wigginton, best known as Sally Wigginton, was born 15 Jan 1898 to Ernest Zorade and Amanda Elizabeth (Shanklin) Wigginton. The 1920 census listed her as a school teacher, living at home with her parents. She married Samuel Tyre Salyer. He was born 22 Jul 1897 to Logan and Sarah (Combs) Salyer in Letcher County, Kentucky. By 1930, they were living in Portland, Oregon with their two daughters. They seem to have traveled quite a bit, with stays in Ohio and Georgia. Samuel died in Blairville, Georgia on 12 Mar 1981; Sally followed on 6 Dec 1985. Both are buried in the Hebron Cemetery.

The church roll listed seven members of the Williams family including Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Williams, Herman Williams, James Williams, Mason Williams, and Mr. and Mrs. Burks Williams.

S. B. (Samuel B.) Williams was a great-grandson of Jarret Williams, an early Bullitt County pioneer. You can learn more about Jarret and his descendants on this Bullitt County History Museum web page.

S. B. was born 20 Dec 1848 to Samuel B. and Mary Verlinda (Summers) Williams. He married Martha Magdaline McCloskey, daughter of Henry and Sallie (Jefferies) McCloskey. Martha was born 8 Apr 1854, and died 13 Feb 1931. Samuel died on 2 Dec 1924. The four remaining male Williams listed were their sons.

Herman Taylor Williams was born 24 Dec 1883. He married Mary Tyler Brooks on 8 May 1912. She was born 12 Sep 1887, a daughter of Solomon Neil and Katie (Tyler) Brooks. Herman and Mary had at least four children. He died on 21 Sep 1955; Mary followed on 6 Nov 1979.

James Lee Williams never married. He was born 19 Jun 1887, and died on 4 Nov 1937. He was an assistant cashier at the People's Bank of Shepherdsville.

Henry Mason Williams was born 21 Dec 1881 and died 20 Aug 1946. He was married to Blanche Braithwaite, daughter of Richard and Ada (Gilmore) Braithwaite. Mason and Blanche had no children.

Samuel Burks Williams was born 1 Dec 1879. He married Virginia Field Brooks (b. 1 Jan 1891), sister to Mary mentioned above, on 18 Sep 1912, and they had at least five children. Burks died on 13 Dec 1972; Virginia followed on 30 Aug 1980.

Guy Sidney Wuthrich was serving as Hebron's pastor in 1924, and is briefly described on the "Historical Tidbits" page. His wife, Bertha Wuthrich, and two sons, John and Ralph Wuthrich, were listed on the church roll.

Bertha C. Frurip married Guy S. Wuthrich on 18 Jun 1898 in LaGrange County, Indiana. She was born 3 Sep 1874 in Indiana to Frederick and Caroline (Sukow) Frurip. Bertha was a widow when she died on 20 Aug 1943 at her son John's home in Muncie, Indiana.

John Frederick Wuthrich was born 28 Mar 1908 in Lagrange Co Indiana. He married Mary Helen Boothe, daughter of Eldon and Annvella (Winter) Boothe, while the family was in Bracken County, Kentucky. John died on 8 Apr 1958 in Muncie, Indiana, leaving his wife and two grown children.

Little is known about Ralph Wuthrich, except that he was born 4 Aug 1901 in Lagrange County, Indiana, and died 26 Nov 1928 in Bracken County, Kentucky. He was not married.

Mrs. Lucy Young was listed on the church roll along with Misses Bettie, Nellie, and Pattie Young. According to the 1920 census Mrs. Young and some of her children were living in the Robbs precinct of Jefferson County, a little north of Bullitt County along the Preston Street Pike.

Lucy Thompson Young was born 22 Mar 1845 in London, England to Henry and Fannie (Jewel) Thompson. She died 1 Dec 1930 in Jefferson County KY. She had married Garrett P. Young on 21 Apr 1869 in Jefferson County, and they had 7 children: Elizabeth, Fanny, Jessie, Garrett, Harry, Theodore, and Nellie. Garrett Young, son of Theodore and Elizabeth (Pendergast) Young was born 22 Apr 1839. He died on 6 Nov 1919. His parents are described on the "Historical Tidbits" page.

Elizabeth Young, also called Bettie, was born 11 Feb 1870. She never married, and died on 18 Oct 1961.

Nellie Young, who was born 4 Dec 1888, died 30 Dec 1974 in Louisville. She never married.

No record of Patti Young has yet been found, and we suspect this may have been Miss Fannie Young, daughter of Garrett and Lucy. She was born 19 Sep 1872 and died 26 Jun 1955. Like her sisters, she never married.