Food Ministry

Thank You to the many folks who are helping keep our outdoor food pantry stocked to help meet the needs of our community! We will keep you updated on this ministry on this page.

May 14 – Thank You Again!!!

Thanks for filling the pantry shelf with your donations this past Monday and Tuesday. The shelf tells the story!

April 14 – Thank You!!!

We received donations from more than ten sources over the past two days and our pantry shelves are in much better shape! You all are great at sharing God’s love and care!

Tuesday of Holy Week Greetings

This note is to share a quick word about our Outdoor Food Pantry. Many of you have let me know that you are putting things in as you are able. Thank you. The demand is high for items in the pantry at present. The economic impact of the stay at home nature of things is difficult for many and especially difficult for many folks who may already have been struggling or in difficult circumstances. The food that goes into and then out of the Food Pantry is a direct way of sharing God’s love with folks in need in our community.

This coming Monday and Tuesday, April 13 and 14 you are invited to bring food items for the pantry to the church between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Someone will be in the church at that time. You can bring your donations to the side entrance of the church and leave them outside the door. We will come and get them and bring them inside and put them on the shelves of the pantry. We are not asking you to make a special trip to the store for this purpose, but if you are there between now and the beginning of next week you might decide to pick up some items to bring to share. Also if you are placing an order for pick-up this notice will hopefully give you time to add to it if you would like to.

If you would prefer you can call me at (502) 492-3223 and someone will contact you about coming and picking your donation up off of your porch. Let’s continue Hebron’s legacy of making a difference and sharing God’s love in our community!


Food Ministry Update – March 21, 2020

Friends – wanted to share a bit about two feeding ministries: Martie’s Kitchen and our Outdoor Food Pantry.

First, as many of you know, we provide the meal at Martie’s Kitchen at First Baptist Church in Shepherdsville on months that have a fifth Monday. March being such a month, this has been a question some folks have had. Martie’s Kitchen is currently not gathering so there will be no Martie’s Kitchen for us to provide for this month.

Second, wanted to say a word about stocking our Outdoor Food Pantry. Our items on the Food Pantry Shelf are quickly dissipating. My goal has been to fill it once each day when I go over to check the mail. I have come to learn that others are stopping with food they bring with them and filling it as well at times. I initially had thought that it might be useful to name a time when people could come by and drop off food at the church to put on the shelves to be used in the food pantry. In conversation it seemed the easier way of doing this would be to invite you as you are able and happen to be out to come by and simply put items in the Outdoor Food Pantry. I would like to ask you if you do this to text me at 502 492 3223 or email the church at just so we’ll have some idea how often the box is being filled. Or times when there are substantial gaps. If you would be more comfortable bringing food by the church and dropping it off again please contact me by the ways above or call me at the same number and we can work out a time when I can be there and have the door open for you to drop off food.

These are hard times for many folks, and we are especially aware at this time of folks who already did not have enough food and are now dealing with additional hardships – in some cases losses of sources of income which will make the food pantry all the more important.

We are small, but our ministries and action in our community have had a strong witness to the love of our God over the years. Let’s keep walking in that light and pointing to our God of compassion, care and love.