We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11, or by viewing our pastor's message which will be posted later under the "Sermons" link. 

Also, you may call 502-212-5863 for a brief recording in the 3-5 minute range for stuff that will provide a bit of pick-me-up and word of encouragement. Check-in when you have a spare moment!

You are also invited to "Check In" with us each Saturday by reading George's weekly message.

Our aim is to follow Jesus and to experience God at work in our lives both as individuals and as a community of faith. We hope that you will experience worship as a time to offer thanks and praise and to be lifted up, challenged and inspired to focus on God’s will for your life.


Hebron has been a vital community of faith in our current location since our founding in March of 1858. In 2023 we celebrated our 165th Anniversary. We are grateful for our long history and for the ministry that has happened here, and we believe that God continues to call us to be at work in our community through worship, mission, fellowship and service.